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Architectural As-Built Services

Measurements, Data Collection, Photography, Planning and Drafting.

Expert Data Collection

You need accurate As-Built drawings and ABB Surveys™ get them ready for you.

We collect the current state of your building according to your Scope of Work and requirements.

​​​​​ABB Surveys™ is a worldwide solution provider of accurate as-built services, including documentation and high resolution 360° photographs to building and home owners, investors, vendors, architects, contractors, facility teams and construction professionals.

As-Builts in HOUSTON TX

Scope of Work or Deliverables

As-Builts in HOUSTON TX

Accurate As-Built Floor Plans:

  • Save Time

  • Save Money

  • Help people make better plans

As-Built Floor Plans are only one part of the solution we offer, below are some As-Built Services scope options that can be undertaken as part of the full survey:

  • Building Outline/perimeter

  • Flooring Finish Plan

  • Ceiling Plan

  • External Elevations

  • Internal Elevations

  • Building Sections

  • Roof Plan

  • Door Schedule

  • Window Schedule

  • Furniture Plan

  • Equipment Plan

  • 2D/Still Photo Plan

  • 360° Photo Plan

  • Parking Plan

  • Schematic Site Plan

  • Landscape Plan

  • Security Plan

  • Fire Protection Plan

  • Lighting Plan

  • Utilities Plan

  • Electrical Plan

  • Plumbing Plan

  • HVAC Plam

  • Fixture Inventory

  • Fixture Tagging

  • Energy Audits

As-Builts in HOUSTON TX

"A floor plan is worth a thousand words"

Who benefits from As-built drawings:

  • Building Owners

  • Facility Managers

  • Property Managers

  • Leasing Agents

  • Landlords

  • Buyers

  • Sellers

  • Brokers

  • Tenants

  • Movers

As-Builts in HOUSTON TX
As-Builts in HOUSTON TX
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