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Fixture Inventory and Brand Compliance

Fixture Inventory Surveys

ABB Surveys work before, during or after store hours and has the resources and the systems to meet all needs and all budgets. 

If you need to gather any type of information from your field locations; our surveyors will physically go into each site and collect the exact information you need and deliver it in the format you need.

When you have multiple locations it is often difficult to keep track of what is going on at each site and you might need or want:

  • To have each location photographed inside and out,

  • To know if your visual guidelines are being followed the way you intended,

  • To get current visibility of how many fixtures you have in a certain area, and what condition those fixtures are.

Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

Brand Compliance Surveys

ABB Surveys provide accurate brand compliance information on how the branch owner is applying the franchise model in their local market.


According to contract, a franchisee has the obligation to provide displays, gondolas, caselines and all specified items in their store that comply with the franchise standards.


Our surveyors can provide the current information, as-built pictures and drawings for brand compliance.

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