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BOMA and ADA surveys

As-builts in Houston TX
Asbuilts in houston
Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

BOMA Measuring Services

Commercial and Office Space

Rentable Square Footage Area

BOMA area analysis, we create As-built Lease Plans and calculate Lease and common areas (Sq.Ft./Sq.Mt) for any building or vendor area.


We can also calculate your lease areas based on any

other non-standard method you specify.

BOMA is the Building Owners and Managers Association and its standard is used for all commercial buildings; including office, retail, warehouse, industrial, mixed used and multifamily rental buildings.

BOMA is an international association of commercial building owners, brokers, providers, and professionals that serve the industry. Since 2017 in compatibility with -IPMS, International Property Measurement Standard, and

-IFMA, International Facilicy Management Association.


Measurement standards:

BOMA’s standard is recognized as the most comprehensive standard for calculating the rentable square footage for commercial buildings.

Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

​Americans with Disabilities Act

Compliance for Commercial Buildings

ABB Surveys™ document existing accessibility conditions

(disability/mobility) on your commercial building site:

  • accessible parking spots, signs,

  • ramps, warning pads, entrances

  • sidewalks, stairways, exits

  • handrails, railings, doors

  • hallways, bathrooms, toilets

  • furniture, equipment and  other

  • ADA compliant items

Our as-built surveys let you evaluate the existing conditions to help you take action and ensure your locations are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other legislation, avoiding costly fines to your business.

Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston
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