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Residential As-Built Services

Single or Multi-Site

As-Built Survey Services

We deliver everything you need to save time and money prior to starting your project. On site laser meters, 360° pictures, and quality review steps ensure our high quality standards are met on each and every project.

"A floor plan is worth a thousand words"

Remodeling, leasing, selling, or buying:

An updated floor plan will help minimize time and cost.

Asbuilts in Houston

Working with you

Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

We create as-builts for our residential clients

on their renovation projects.

Whether you are a home owner, investor, banker, property manager, realtor, real estate broker, inspector, or title company, we can provide the solutions you are looking for.

We provide custom as-built drawings for all phases of move/add/change (m/a/c) projects.

We will provide you with the professional as-builts you need, we understand how critical an accurate, complete drawing is to the success of your project renovation or remodel.

​Based on the Scope of Work, our services may include:

  • Field visit: measuring the property, taking pictures and collect requested information.

  • Preparing deliverables: digital drawings, still or 360° pictures, and other documentation.

To see rotate the 360° pictures move the picture left/right/up/down with mouse or finger

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