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Commercial As-Built Services

Single or Multi-Site

At ABB Surveys™ we have experience in the commercial market, and the capacity to create as-built drawings for single or multi-site projects.

We care about our clients; we deliver all requirements and information needed to save time and money prior to starting your project.

ABB Surveys™ has created as-built drawings for all types of commercial and industrial buildings, including retail stores, banks, restaurants, offices, hotels, warehouses, federal facilities and anything that is physically measurable.

ABB Surveys™ provide custom as-built drawings for all phases of move/add/change (m/a/c) projects.


Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

We provide Commercial As-Built Services worldwide. 


​Based on the Scope of Work, our services may include:

  • Field visit: measuring the property, taking pictures and collect requested information.

  • Preparing deliverables: digital drawings, still or 360° pictures, and other documentation.

We can prepare As-built drawings before and post remodel.

Asbuilts in Houston

For commercial projects, our clients are typically building owners, real estate investors, and facility managers.


Our architectural as-built surveyors as well have worked with designers, architects, engineers, contractors, and construction managers and we understand your expectations.


8-15 business days for most projects, allowing you to begin planning your project and start construction. If available we may provide an expedited survey and/or rush delivery.

Multi-Site Surveying

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys, all the time!

Franchises, chains, retail, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, office supplies stores, hardware stores, electronics stores, department stores, optical stores, gas stations, fitness centers, hospitals, airports, and more.

We will measure anything you need!

ABB Surveys™ will keep your building drawings up to date so that you can manage maintenance and develop your remodeling plans.


Businesses such as franchises, retail chains, restaurants, and healthcare facilities are constantly changing, adjusting and updating to refresh and adapt to the changes in design, technology, finishes, and building codes.

ABB Surveys™ provides the information you need to keep up with the constant change; we perform on-site reviews of your locations throughout Texas, the USA and worldwide through our consolidated archive of your current drawings, work with your facilities, and construction managers to maintain and update your buildings.

Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

To see rotate the 360° pictures move the picture left/right/up/down with mouse or finger

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