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Our Team working in As-Built Services since 1996

Experience drafting Architectural Construction Documents

ABB Surveys specializes in Real Estate Building Measurement, Data Collection, 360º Photography and drafting for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC)

We are in the South Central region of the country, our location allow us to reach any place in the U.S. from coast to coast, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

Our As-built drawings can be supplied with different levels of details to suit your requirements. We have experience working with building owners, real estate investors, property/facility managers, designers, architects, engineers, contractors, and other in the field.

We love to measure, no matter where your site is, we will get there!

As-Builts in Houston TX

We are located in S-E Houston

Our as-built services can be submitted either in:

Houston Asbuilt Surveys, 360 Photography, asbuilt data collection
Houston Architectural As-Builts, Asbuilt Surveys, 360 Photography, asbuilt data collection
Houston Asbuilt Surveys, 360 Photography, asbuilt data collection
Houston Asbuilt Surveyors, 360 Photography, asbuilt data collection
Houston As-Built Services, Asbuilt surveys, 360 Photography

Our passion is to perform accurate as-built surveys to create accurate as-built drawings.

As every project is different and every client deserves special attention to their project requests, we deliver accurate building information according to every client’s requirements. ABB Surveys™ is committed to the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Each as-built surveyor is deployed with laser meters, tablets, 360º cameras and smartphones to measure, draw, photograph and collect the information you require from your building.

​At ABB Surveys™, we do everything within our power to ensure the job is done right, saving our clients’ time and money down the road.

Our as-built surveyors are personally involved in every project and whether you are planning to redesign or remodel a custom home, office space, bank, warehouse, restaurant, or retail store, we have the experience and expertise to create accurate as-built drawings.

Houston As-Built Drawings, Asbuilt Surveys

We provide our clients with nationwide as-built building surveys, as-built building drawings, 360° photo plans, data collection, professionalism and customized customer service.

The foundation for renovation and construction projects is precise documentation of existing conditions. Our As-Built surveys, facility documentation and 360° pictures provide our clients with the information and confidence needed to make their facility renovations run smoothly.

As-Built Drawings Houston TX, As-built Surveys

Our 360º photographs back-up our as-built drawing documentation as if you were at the site seeing every space and detail in the project no matter where you are located.

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