Occupancy Surveys and Fire/Emergency Surveys

Occupancy Surveys

Generally construction as-built surveys are required after construction is completed in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.


At the end of a new project this verifies completion of all requirements

As-built surveys can be used when renting or purchasing an existing building to verify what is being leased or purchased.

Fire and Emergency Surveys

Lack of information in buildings could result in confusion, injury, and property damage.


ABB  Surveys collects all the existing information in your building to locate:

  • Fire Alarms, extinguishers and Hose racks

  • First Aid and Defibrillators Kits

  • Emergency exit pathways.

  • Evacuation routes and exits.

  • Emergency Assembly (Muster) Points,

  • Shelter-in-place; and

  • Other items requested

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CT

As-Built Building Surveys

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  • As-Built Building Surveys, Houston
  • As-Built Building Surveys, Houston
  • Houston As-Built Building Sirveys

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