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Car Parking As-built Surveys

Indoor and Outdoor

AsBuilt Parking Survey
Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

ABB Surveys carry out as-built car parking surveys for any purpose: airports, car rentals, malls, restaurants, hotels, banks, or any other business.

​We have a focused team to help with all your requirements. Supplying useful and professional field collection on the results of our as-built surveys is one of our core specialist areas.

​​Existing conditions are documented in our 360° pictures that allow you to capture the reality of the site all around.

Creating meaningful data and deliverables:


According to the scope of work, our experienced teams collect all fixtures and equipment on site in the parking area such as:


  • Handicapped, ramps and walking areas

  • Signs, light poles, hydrants, dumpsters

  • Parking blocks, speed bumps, bollards

  • Landscape, curbs and sidewalks

  • Traffic and parking lines

  • Fire lanes and assembly areas

  • Lightning, security cameras, etc.

Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston
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