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Asbuilts Floor Plans in Houston
Asbuilts Floor Plans in Houston

Architectural As-Built Building Surveys

Asbuilts Floor Plans in Houston

Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CTZ

S-E​ Houston, League City, TX.

Clear Lake/Bay Area

As-Built contact

We are located in S-E Houston, TX

Asbuilts Floor Plans in Houston


We provide professional  As-Built Services* for

Architecture, Engineering & Construction;

Real Estate, Marketing/Display, Building/Energy Data Collection, Photography and more!

Please Note:

We do Existing BUILDING Measurements, Documentation,

Data Collection, Digital Architectural Plans/Drawings,

We do Land Survey Drafting NOT perform LAND Surveys.

We measure BUILDINGS, Interior Rooms, Spaces (or part of them) Storefronts, Displays, mostly from exterior building walls to inside, to later create AS-BUILT Plans or drawings such as Existing Floor Plans and more!

In order our clients receive the final product; we use our time, knowledge, resources, equipment, tools, transportation, and other to complete it.

As built/Existing Building measurements, cad drawings and 360° Photo Surveys

Minimum Fee $695*

*CASH Price PLUS Travel Costs and Taxes.

* We collect the information the client request

If you have any special requests e.g.:

Locating visible or hidden outlets in equipment or fixtures, let us know upfront in precise detail on your Scope of Work or Deliverables request

Texas is the Second Largest State

and the Houston Metropolitan Area is the Fourth biggest city in the U.S.A.

Click here to check for Texas locations

Real Estate Still/ 360° Photography varies

by the amount and kind of pictures. 

​Energy Readings varies by the amount of items.

Houston As-Built Surveys, 360 photography


Pricing varies by request according to

Schedule/Timeline, Scope of Work/Deliverables,
Approx. Task Square Footage,
quirements,    and

Kind of Architecture (curved, angular, square, open or confined), amount of data collected, level of detail in drawings, etc,

​​​ Standard or Rush turnaround, and other.

In summary the amount of working hours,

travel expenses, and other costs completing

each project task on-site and in office.

Q's & A's:

Q: How much does it cost? How long does it take?

A: Please SEND PROJECT information. 


Q: Are fees based solely on Square Footage?

A: ALL things considered, based on PROJECT 

Scope of Work, Schedule, Address, Requirements,

Task Square Footage, and other related. 


Q: Turnaround?

A: As soon a) Advance Deposit is made your project will be scheduled, and b) when Remainder Payment is received/cleared files will be submitted.

Send EMAIL with Project Timeline, Address, Gross. Square Footage, Scope of Work/Deliverables, and requirements needed; and we'll send you an Estimate.


Every project is different and unique, according to previous jobs we estimate approx. the amount of hours/costs completing a project.

We don't really know the exterior/interior conditions in your project, therefore we don't know exactly the total amount of time/costs performing the task.

As an As-built Services Provider, in order to calculate an approx. range of time frames and costs to get the job done;

Please send BY EMAIL your PROJECT:

(Yes, we are very visual here)

All the best available information, such as:

  • Start/Finish TIMELINE, Schedule:                                    time available to complete the task.

  • Project Address(es) / Location(s) - Google Maps

  • Website Links: for exterior/interior views?

  • How many buildings, sites, stories/levels or items?

  • Ballpark, Gross, Approx. Square Footage?

  • Scope of Work, Deliverables your project needs?

  • Dates/hours to visit the site, M-F 8am-5pm? Other?

  • Access to suites/rooms with tenants/clients?

  • Requirements, Instructions, check list?

  • How many Rooms /Spaces each building has?

  • Exterior and Interior most current Pictures/Videos?            A picture is worth a thousand words!

  • Business Type: Hotel, Apartment, Office, Mall/suite, Bank/Lender, Restaurant, Supermarket, other?

  • Previous Floor Plans, Blueprints, Sketches?

  • Open or confined Interior Architecture/Lay-out?   complex design/rooms/areas/spaces?

  • Exterior Footprint, Interior Layout: squared, rectangular, angular, circular? Pictures/links please!

  • Building Type, simple, complex?

  • Samples/templates (dwg/pdf), details, key plans, site boundaries, outline location, area limits?

  • Access on-site, Lock box; Occupied or Vacant?

  • No Electricity, No Lighting fixtures, No HVAC?

  • Alarm, Police/Security guard on duty?

  • Unsanitary conditions: foul odors, dirty floors?

  • Unsafe conditions: wild dogs/pets, flooded, gas leaks, burned, structural damage? or

  • Any other additional facts to quantify or consider.

As-Builts in Houston, TX

We'd like to know about your As-built building project

Please SEND/UPLOAD files to email address

Questions? Estimates? Joint Ventures? Referrals? Comments? Ideas?

We value your time, Thanks for contact us!

Please include:

PROJECT: Timeline/Schedule, Address, Approx. Sq.Ft, Scope of Work, Deliverables, Requirements, and other.

Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston
Asbuilts in Houston

Service CONTRACT and ADVANCE Deposit, required Pending Balance at COMPLETION.
-Files will be submitted via email and/or dropbox after final Balance had been received and cleared.

Payment: Bank Transfer/ACH/wire, checks, and/or cash;
Venmo and Paypal add 3.5% or current fee.

Thank Y'all for visit us!

​​If you know anyone in this world looking for an As-built Site Survey, 360° photography, or any of our services;

We would appreciate your referral.

As-builts Surveys Worldwide

Other destinations:

Any country in the world that accepts U.S. Passport

B L O G : Parameters to estimate an As-built Survey.

Every As-built building has something unique!

Besides taxes, overhead and maintenance costs, like everything in life; is a mix of facts!

But at the end, the amount of time/costs spent doing the job summarize the whole task.

Everything adds up and are part of the equation: Timeline, scope of work, deliverables, building square footage, etc.


At the end what really counts is the amount of rooms, spaces and items to be measure (horizontally or vertically)

to get a range of the Amount of hours and costs for planning, traveling, on-site collecting information,

taking the measurements and pictures to later process that information into cad drawings.

a) Planning/Travel Time:

Airfare, mileage, car rental/gas, hotel reservations, parking, meals and round trips to the project site.

b) Survey Time:

Building/Manager Data collection, pictures; exterior, interior, horizontal, and/or vertical measurements,


- Building Outline (exterior footprint/accesses) Squared, Curved, or Angular:

Building Wall Perimeter: walls, columns/posts, doors, windows, overhead/garage doors, walkways, stairs, ramps,


​- Interior Lay-out:

Amount of Rooms/Spaces; Curved, Angular or Squared, Open or confined .

Offices, bedrooms, utility rooms, closets, bathrooms (wall partitions, sink vanities, toilets, bathtubs, grab bars)

drive-thrus, attics, mezzanines, warehouse/storage/docking areas, staircases, halls, lobbies, foyers, corridors,


-Amount of items:

Doors, sidelights, transoms, windows, columns, wall layout, wall changes, wall thicknesses, counters, bank teller lines, stairs, escalators, elevators, rails, ramps, slab level changes changes, etc.

c) Drafting and Admin. Time:

Processing measurements, pictures, checklists, questionnaires, forms, calls, emails,

taxes, invoices, and collecting payments.

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